Oleg Maddox, contesta sobre el Storm of War: BoB

Hoy, en su nuevo foro de 1C Company, Oleg contesta a una serie de preguntas sobre lo que soportará o incluirá el nuevo simulador Storm of War: Battle of Britain.

Aquí copio y pego dicho post:

Oleg Maddox
Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:38 am

Hi,first of all I would like to say that amny questions you are asking too early. Simply if you'll can't find my answer for your question, that measn that I wont answer it now... but maybe later...when I will know that it is or it is better than I want myself.
Evgeny wrote:* Well, the next portion of your questions to Oleg. Please wait till he answers and then comment.I was wondering if changing the view position using 6DOF will move the pilot's body as well? In real life pilots often tried to hide behind the airplanes engine when attacking bombers.
Yes a bit. In a limit of the belts. But with options of complexity probably.
Evgeny wrote: * Regarding 4.09:Can u assure us that there is a check on the il2fb.exe so people that havn't original version cant join online sessions?
First off all, that to make new check for that we need simply to rewrite too many things, icluding even file structure. It is simply impossible to make such a great job when we are totally busy with BoB... I can't promise now... but my guys in research what is possible by minimal human/month busy schedule... Say "Thanks" guys who did it... and who do not understand what they did for online community...
Evgeny wrote: * Will radio navigation be included and what maps will you have in game?
Yes. Map is one. And probably several small special online maps.
Evgeny wrote: * Will icing on the wings be considered?
Probably. It is in our plan, but not in major priority.
Evgeny wrote: * WHAT will change on the engine (and fuel) management side?
I can say that there _will_ be changes.
Evgeny wrote:* In BoB will we be able to identify and located planes, trucks, tanks from the correct distances when looking out of the cockpit of our aircraft ?
I do think it will depending of the power of your home computer. The system of LODs it totally new.
Evgeny wrote:* Will there be a Damage Model more precise (I remember some sayings about that), and which will be sensible to the time, or the G for exemple ? I mean, when my wing is hitted I cannot take too much G, and if I do, the damage spread and I can break my wing more easily.
Will be. But I wont say all things now.
Evgeny wrote: * What about shaders in game, how that would be used, and what about HDR lighting, will some sort of that will be used?
I don't discuss technology terms. Many things already is, many will be. Shaders we use very much in Il-2
Evgeny wrote: * Just a quick question regarding the size of the map. I believe that you have stated, that the map will cower to the north of London, but how much of France or Belgium will be modeled? Will German bombers be able to takeoff from inland bases or do they simply spawn in the air?
No Germany. The map is too detailed that to make it even greater than we will have.
Evgeny wrote:* In IL2 almost all on-line pilots forced to fly at low resolutions (1024x768 usually) for best view (ground HQ at 8000m ), in Bob:SOW this problem continue?.
Fist time I read such... Really I know other picture...
Evgeny wrote: * In IL2 with some configurations you're capable ear sounds of others planes, explosions at ten milles... (whitout last shit cheats). Host in SOW has option of configurate sound for all players? (as one swith "real sound")
Thisd means incorrect configurations of sound panning. And simple panning of some cheapest sound cards its own drivers... In Bob we are going by other eway and have own panning, instead of manufacture driver's panning.
Evgeny wrote:* I would like to ask if we can expect better Force Feedback support in SoW? It would be great to have better immersion of flying.
Really any real pilot would say you that what called FF on Joystick has nothing common with real situation.... Really they woukld say you that without that FF would be more correct comparing to real life... I don't know what we will have with FF... But probably this item will be open in source code for third party development.
Evgeny wrote: * Awhile back there was some talk about a trainer aircraft for Bob.....my question is if this is true, would it also be possible to take the co-pilot seat in any of the games bomber's during on-line play......the co-pilot could do trim, or take over if the pilot is killed
True. What will be in online modes in terms of this question I will not tell till final. Its a big secret at the moment.
Evgeny wrote:* Any plans to include the Dewoitine D.520??? (It’s formidable little fighter with nose-mounted 20mm Hispano (+ 4 MGs) - comparable to bf109E for potency/performance (apart from direct fuel-injection)...
We - not. But third party will be able to do it in time themselves.
Evgeny wrote: * Can it be possible to have planes explode more realistically when ground pounded? Currently they turn black and simply lean to the left or right.
I do think that in Il-2 the most realistic explosions on the market of the sims.. In BoB will be better.
Evgeny wrote: * Will BOB have similar support for the 3 Views option currently used in Il-2 for multi-monitor support? This is the Use3Renders option.
Probably. Hwever it isn't in a list of first things to be developed.

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